Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pre-Convention Workshops Give You the Leading Edge

Special opportunities to enhance your community know-how will be available before the League’s Convention officially begins. These pre-convention workshops are specifically designed to give you the detailed information you need to do a top-notch job for your community. Sign up now before the workshops fill up.

These workshops are available for an additional fee of $75 each.

Achieving Council Efficiency

9:00 am–Noon
The workshop consists of core topics that will help educate elected officials on the basic functions they will need to know in their roles as public leaders, as well as a basic guide to fair and orderly procedures in meetings. This three-hour workshop will cover the Open Meetings Act, roles and responsibilities, parliamentary procedure, and conducting meetings.


Steven Mann, Attorney
Miller Canfield

Eleanor “Coco” Siewert
Professional Parliamentarian


Illegal Expenditures: What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You

9:00 am–Noon
Could your municipality be making expenditures that are considered unlawful without knowing it? These days, there seems to be quite a buzz around expenditures related to community festivals—What’s legal? What’s not? This workshop will address some common issues, including those related to festivals, which municipalities face with common expenses.


Mathieu J. Dubé, CPA, Fiscal Health Specialist
Michigan Department of Treasury

Ali Hijazi
Plante Moran


Presque Isle Park Color Walking Tour

9:00 am-Noon
Presque Isle Park is considered the city of Marquette’s recreational crown jewel, featured in periodicals such as the Smithsonian magazine. The park supports over 100 species of native plants and diverse landscapes, including pebble beaches, rocky cliffs, bogs, and northern boreal forest. This walking tour will take the group to many of the iconic lookouts that will allow everyone to enjoy dazzling views while breathing in pure Lake Superior air. Add in the color of an autumn day, and the members of the group are ensured a world-class experience.