Local governments provide numerous “nuts and bolts” programs and services that keep their community functioning on a daily basis. Sessions marked with this symbol will share ideas on how to keep those activities running smoothly and efficiently.


Wednesday, September 13

9:00 am – 12 Noon

Building Trust Between Citizens and Law Enforcement

Presented by the Michigan Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials

Location: Herrick District Library

EOA Credits: 3

A panel of government leaders will discuss strategies used to build trust and foster positive relations between citizens and law enforcement. Robert Stevenson will also speak about the MACP Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.


Esther Fifelski, Human Relations Coordinator, Holland
Steve Kempker, Sheriff, Ottawa County
Anthony Lewis, Director, Business & Community Affairs, Michigan Department of Civil Rights
Matt Messer, Director of Public Safety, Holland
Kimberley Sims, Mayor, Muskegon Heights
Robert Stevenson, Executive Director, Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police

nutsandbolt-01FULL Understanding the General Law Village Act

Location: Haworth Inn & Conference Center, Hope College

EOA Credits: 3

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of governing as a general law village. This session will cover specific sections of the General Law Village Act based on frequently asked questions to the League: duties of officers (president, trustees, clerk, treasurer, and manager, if the village chooses to have one); council (rules of proceedings, quorum, compelling attendance, publication of proceedings); filling vacancies; residency; default; compensation; ordinance publication/synopsis; and allowable millages. In addition, the workshop will address incompatible public offices and village committees.


Kenneth Lane, Clark Hill PLC
Mark Nettleton, Mika Meyers PLC


FULL Council-Manager Relations

Location: CityFlatsHotel

EOA Credits: 3

When the relationship between the city manager and City Council breaks down, forward motion slows; time and resources are wasted; trust and respect are damaged and, ultimately, the community will not get what it deserves. What are the signs that counseling may be in your future? What strategies should be in place to keep your city off this path in the first place? What steps can you take to mend or improve the way your executive team works together?  Come hear from both sides of the equation and learn firsthand about the appropriate roles for elected officials and managers, what strategies can be put into place to help build a productive relationship, and hear examples directly from some seasoned elected officials and managers.


Emily Kieliszewski, Membership Engagement Specialist, Michigan Municipal League


Catherine Bostick-Tullius, Commissioner, Lapeer
Daryl Delabbio, ICMA Midwest Regional Vice President, Retired Kent County Administrator
Rebecca Fleury, City Manager, Battle Creek
Kathie Grinzinger, Lead Executive Recruiter, Michigan Municipal League
Marcus Peccia, City Manager, Cadillac
Rusty Showalter, Councilmember, West Branch
Adam Smith, Grand Ledge City Manager